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Threshold 2009 aspires to reach and welcome all who live and work in San Mateo County into a discussion about long-term housing solutions. The campaign employs three civic engagement methods: a Countywide Assembly, an Online Dialogue, and local Community Conversations.

Countywide Assembly
The Countywide Assembly engaged a statistically representative sample of 238 San Mateo County residents in face-to-face dialogue about possible housing options. The Assembly took place on the weekend of March 15-16, 2008. This was an unprecedented opportunity to hear the perspectives of a representative cross-section of the county on long-term housing solutions. Participants reached their conclusions based on balanced information, small group discussions and consultations with experts. Click here to download our Countywide Assembly Report.

This method – known technically as Deliberative Polling – was developed by Professor James S. Fishkin of The Center for Deliberative Democracy at Stanford University and has been used nationally and globally to create solutions for a variety of complex issues.

Online Dialogue
Read what people had to say during the Online Dialogue. (COMING SOON)

The Online Dialogue, a web-based conversation engaged up to 1,000 participants who live or work in San Mateo County. It was open to anyone who is interested in contributing to the discussion Viewpoint Learning provided the tools and resources for the online discussion. .

Community Conversations
Community Conversations began in May 2008 to further open the dialogue on housing options to local communities, including those typically underrepresented in the public process. This has been and continues to be a chance to reach deeply into different neighborhoods, organizations, and settings to allow additional public input into countywide housing solutions. Viewpoint Learning created toolkits for these conversations, and more than 40 people were trained to facilitate the discussions.. Click here to host or participate in a Community Conversation.

The perspectives and conclusions gathered during all three phases of civic engagement will be provided for public review in a report that will be sent to policymakers and opinion leaders. The goal is to offer insight into the public’s voice about housing choices for San Mateo County.

For those who are inspired to do more, Threshold 2009 will connect participants to community partners working on various housing solutions in San Mateo County.

Please refer to our events page for dates and times of each of our activities.

Everybody knows that housing is a problem. Leaders will lead, but is this what people want? Threshold 2008 has come up with a way for leaders to verify they're on track.
– Duane Bay, San Mateo County Department of Housing